Noritoshi Ishida getting his waist measured Here’s a rather different blog.

As part of a campaign that encourages healthy lifestyles, two top officials at Japan’s Health Ministry are kicking off a blog from today onwards, that basically reports about their efforts to shed weight, which includes photos of their bellies, reported the English-language Daily Yomiuri.

Tubby vice ministers Keizo Takemi and Noritoshi Ishida, both aged 55, have promised to lose five and six kgs respectively.

Apart from giving details on their weight loss and waist measurements every week, the blog will also give details on the number of paces the two health officials walk, the number of stairs they climb and their alcohol intake.

Though the Japanese have the longest longevity in the world, probably thanks to their healthy diet; ironically millions of Japanese men and women suffer from ‘metabolic syndrome’.

Metabolic Syndrome is characterized by excess fat around the abdomen, high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, which can lead to more serious life-style related diseases such as diabetes and strokes.

While promoting the initiative, Ihisda said, “Come take a look at my belly and fight metabolic syndrome yourself.”