A Depressed Man A new study which was released recently in Canada, divorced and separated men may be much more likely to suffer depression than people who stay together or women who divorce or separate.

The authors of the study analyzed data from the National Public Health Survey and found that depression occurred in about 12% of all people involved in the breakdown of a marriage or a common-law relationship, compared with 3% of people who stayed together.

But, the study also found that men were hit much harder than women when a domestic relationship ended.

The study found that men, ages 20 to 64, who had divorced or separated were six times more likely to report depression than married men, while divorced or separated women were 3.5 times more likely to report depression than married women.

The study authors said men may be especially vulnerable to the loss of social support after a breakup.

While women tend to have social networks, many men rely solely on their partner for support.