GE Tejas XR 6000 X-ray System

GE Healthcare, a healthcare business of General Electric Company has announced the launch of a next-generation convertible X-ray system called ‘Tejas XR 6000’ in India. A unique feature of this machine is that it happens to be the only X-ray system that can be upgraded to digital.

X-ray happens to be the primary and most widely used diagnostic imaging tool. The only problem is that the X-ray systems which are available in the Indian market as of now are low powered, bulky and use extremely old generator technology. Moreover, these conventional systems cost anything between Rs.1 lakh to Rs.5 lakh, and at the same time compromise on technology, quality and radiation dose.

On the other hand, the next-generation Fully Digital X-ray systems offer the most enhanced imaging solutions and are priced at anything ranging from Rs.1.5 crore and Rs.2 crore. The cost has thus prevented India from utilizing such technology.

Now, with the introduction of the GE Tejas XR 6000 which is very affordable (under Rs.15 lakhs), India can now get access to the best of both worlds- conventional and future upgradeability to digital X-ray technologies.

According to Mr. V Raja, President and CEO, South Asia, “Tejas”, an ‘In India, For India” initiative, is in alignment with GE Healthcare’s vision to promote the concept of “Early Health” in India. Currently, 80% of X rays that are installed in the market are conventional X-rays as digital technology is not affordable for most Indian healthcare professionals.”

“GE Healthcare has taken a significant step to address this need by making digital technology available at substantially reduced cost. X-ray is the primary and most widely used diagnostic imaging tool. This will help radiologists upgrade an analogue X-ray into digital X-ray for less than Rs. 60 Lakhs,” added Mr. V Raja.

The GE Tejas XR 6000 system also offers radiologists better images for better patient outcomes. In fact, the latest High Frequency generators, fine focal spot tube and other technological features would deliver a fast workflow, accurate images and low dosage advantages to the Indian customer. Tejas goes one step forward and is designed to convert to a digital X-ray system at any time when the customer would prefer to go digital and helps them avoid obsolescence.