Satyam and Byrraju Logo Satyam Computer Services, an Indian IT service provider has joined hands with Byrraju Foundation as part of its global healthcare practice. They have implemented a program to distribute tele-electrocardiograms (ECGs) to patients in remote and rural areas of India, who don’t have access to good medical facilities.

Another member is this project is SN Informatics, a technology alliance member who provided its software for no cost at all.

According to Dr. Arun Kumar, “With this capability, we’re able to treat many more patients from a central location, and it’s become much easier for village clinics to identify patients who require immediate care.”

Since Satyam is a provider of integrated, end-to-end healthcare solutions, the company was able to deliver a system that effectively and affordably operates in areas with minimal communications and computing infrastructure, whilst at the same time one which provides complete clinical functionality.

“As a non-profit organization, we are always conscious of creating self-sustainable, cost-effective models. Satyam has helped us in identifying and implementing scaleable and affordable technology that meets our needs,” said V.S.N Raju of Byrraju Foundation.

The program, which was started on October 2, 2007, enables patients in rural villages to have an ECG conducted at a local Aswini clinic while doctors at hospitals such as Narayana Hrudayalaya (NH) in Bangalore offer immediate interpretation, as well as teleconference consultations. The first service was provided in Jinnuru Village and has since spread to 30 of the Byrraju Foundation’s 32 Ashwini centers. As of late January, already 2,878 interpretations had been recorded. Of those, 576 patients were referred to a physician for further investigation and 18 required immediate medical attention.

Interestingly, the program was featured in the New York Times in October 2007 by writer Thomas Friedman of ‘The World is Round’ fame.