Baby bathing Recent studies show that baby shampoos, lotions and powders could expose infants to certain harmful chemicals that have been linked to reproductive disorders.

Apart from baby products, these chemicals known as Phthalates are commonly found in various consumer products such as cosmetics, toys, vinyl flooring and even certain medical supplies. Phthalates are used to stabilize fragrances and make plastics flexible.

Elevated levels of the chemical were found in the urine of babies thus drawing attention to the problem. These babies were also found to have been regularly using the shampoos, lotions and powders.

Phthalates have been under the attack of many environmental groups but experts are uncertain of what exact dangers they might pose. Animal studies, however have shown that phthalates cause reproductive problems in males and early puberty in females.

“The bottom line is that these chemicals likely do exist in products that we’re commonly using on our children and they potentially could cause health effects,” validating this concern, Dr. Sheela Sathyanarayana, the study’s lead author and University of Washington pediatriciansaid.

The study however offers no direct evidence as to if or how the chemicals caused any harm to the infants. But that is no reason to undermine their existence.