Burger meals

Now-a-days due to the fast paced life, people are looking out for better and quicker means of technology and other facilities in their routine. Right from the morning bed tea to lunch and dinner, people want to eat more in less time. Thus with this growing habit, the concept of fast food restaurants and joints has become a huge hit around the globe. Now various fast food restaurants are offering a super sized portion that appears to be easy on the pockets.

According to food experts in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, the idea of sizing and packaging the fast food items is not going to work in a positive manner as it is adding to the extra calories of an individual.

Mandel Smith, nutrition educator for Penn State Cooperative Extension in Montgomery County says, “A meal that includes a quarter-pound cheeseburger, a large regular soda and large fries gives you almost your entire daily requirement for calories (1,400) and fat (55 grams)”.

Smith added, “If you super-size this meal by increasing the portion size of the fries and soda, the calories can top 1,540. Super-sizing a fast-food meal may cost less than a dollar more, but you may end up super-sizing your waist by eating lots of fat and calories that your body does not need”.

Smith offers the following suggestions that can help you avoid the super-size trap:

–Review the nutrition facts sheet when you visit a fast-food restaurant.

–Consider how hungry you are before you order. “Pay close attention to your fullness,” she advises. “Eat at a slower pace and enjoy each bite. Give your body the chance to feel full. Avoid eating the entire meal just because it is there.”

–Share a meal with a family member or friend. “Many times, the portions given are enough for more than one person,” Smith notes.

–Avoid fried foods and foods high in fat. “You can order foods that are baked, broiled, grilled or roasted,” she says. “If you are not sure how a dish on the menu is prepared, ask the server.”

–Instead of fries, consider a side salad with a fat-free or reduced-calorie dressing.

–Order a diet soft drink or plain water.

–Skip the mayonnaise when ordering your favorite fast-food burger.

As the quantity in the food has increased by adding to the portion sizes people are bound to eat that portion as it makes them feel that more is better by just paying some extra bucks to fill the stomach quickly and get back to work, noted Smith.

Smith has rightly said, “As a result of portions getting bigger, people are getting bigger. On average, consumption of an additional 100 calories daily beyond your needs can lead to a weight gain of 10 pounds per year.”

The above suggestions should be kept in mind so that next time around you think twice to grab that cheesy burger as it may end up in you gaining as many as extra 10 pounds per year.