Pregnant Woman on a Swiss Ball

If you have lately been blessed with a growing fetus in your womb, then the ladies of the house are sure to give you advice and suggestions as to how you should be taking rest. Those old lady’s tales about pregnancy are outdated, welcome the new age of pregnancy which encourages exercise and an active lifestyle.

Of Course! We aren’t referring to hardcore weight lifting exercise, but the exercise dependant on the stage of pregnancy. The most popular exercises during pregnancy seem to be walking, light jogging, and water aerobics. Water aerobics seem to be commonly opted by expectant mothers.

“If their gynaecologist gives the green light, pregnant women should go ahead and participate in sports,” said Christian Albring, president of the Munich-based Association of Gynaecologists (BVF) and he added “Jogging, hiking, Nordic walking, cycling, dancing and swimming in water with a temperature over 20 degrees centigrade are also well suited to people who don’t care for sports,”

So throw the myths out of the table and get off the couch and work out a bit of sweat for a healthy life that grows inside you. As far as strength training is concerned, mothers-to-be can workout their arms and legs but exercise for the abdomen can be avoided. However strenuous exercise should be strictly avoided and any kind of activity that involves sudden jumps or hops is not advisable.

So the next time the old ladies come with their old age advice of taking rest during pregnancy, clear the myth by showing off your fit body and a healthy baby will prove the rest. No matter how much truth the report may hold, but before any exercise or activity it is always advisable to check with the Gynaec or physician.