Botox Shot Cosmetic surgery and usage of Botox may have risen in the recent past, but the same Botox also has another advantage which is prevention of migraine for the ones who who suffer frequent migraine attacks. As per a new research, an injection of botulinum toxin reduces the occurrence of migraine attacks.

A study which lasted six months, Dr. Roger Cady and Dr. Curtis Schreiber of the Headache Care Center in Springfield, Missouri analyzed the efficacy and safety of a single series of Botox injections, versus placebo shots, for preventing migraine. It was found that Botox-treated patients had fewer occasions of migraine attacks.

So Botox will now not only get rid of the ugly wrinkles but also reduce the incidence of the nasty headaches due to Migraine. It was found that Botox had a measurable positive impact on the quality-of-life. For instance, improvement in the Headache Impact Test, a six-item survey of pain, role functioning, social functioning, fatigue, cognition, and emotional distress were significantly greater for Botox-treated patients than for placebo-treated patients. So now along with a new look and firm skin texture, one can also benefit out of botox by keeping migraine away.