Heart Monitor

Technology sure knows how to support the world of medical science. This time heart attack rehabilitation patients can heave a sigh of relief with the Mini ECG or Cardiomobile that will keep a tab on the heart signals on a mobile basis.
The device has been developed by Scientists at Australia’s Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and Dr Charles Worringham of Queensland University of Technology’s Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation said the unique ‘Cardiomobile’ monitoring system, developed by Gold Coast company Alive Technologies, was being further developed and placed under trial together with QUT under an ARC Linkage Grant.

“The program allows people who have been in hospital for a heart attack or heart surgery to undergo a six-week walking exercise rehabilitation program wherever it’s convenient, while having their heart signal, location and speed monitored in real time,” Dr Worringham said.

The user has to merely attach the Mini ECG to the chests and the device is connected further by wearing a cap with a lightweight GPS receiver that is connected to a mobile phone with the help of Bluetooth. The device surely provides the user the mobility and freedom to move anywhere while their health gets monitored on regular basis by the smart device.

Dr. Worringham explained in detail about the working of the product, “Patients phone in at the start of their scheduled session and then their heart signal, location, speed and gradient are monitored in real-time over the web by a qualified exercise scientist, who guides the patient’s program and checks their progress,” and he added “If there is any problem with the heart signal we can immediately contact the patient, and consult with the cardiologist if needed.”

This device is sure to provide a peace of mind to the ones who have been through the fatal disease which seems to be on a rise with unhealthy lifestyle and ill eating habits.