Eggs,Weight loss

Can’t stop those hunger pangs? Here’s some really great news for you, especially if you’ve been trying to shed those extra pounds. Scientists have found that a breakfast comprising of two eggs help adults lose 65 % more weight. In addition to weight loss, the egg breakfast is also more energetic than a bagel breakfast of equal calories.

Nikhil Dhurandhar, lead researcher, commented, “People have a hard time adhering to diets and our research shows that choosing eggs for breakfast can dramatically improve the success of a weight loss plan.”

“Eggs are a good source of all-natural, high-quality protein, so they can help keep you satisfied longer, making it easier to resist tempting snacks. Nearly half of an egg’s protein, and many of the other nutrients, are found in the yolk, so make sure to eat the whole egg for maximum benefits. Apparently, the increased satiety and energy due to eggs helps people better comply with a reduced-calorie diet,” added Dietitian Jackie Newgent.

As part of a reduced calorie diet, researchers from Louisiana State University examined a total of 152 adults between 25 to 60 years of age with a total body mass index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25 or equal to 50 kg m-2. The overweight participants were divided in two groups. While one group ate bagel, the other group feasted on two eggs each morning for breakfast. The breakfast of both groups consisted of an equal amount of calories.

Researchers found that in comparison to those who ate a bagel breakfast, egg-eaters had lost 65 % more weight, displayed a 61 % greater reduction in BMI and reported higher energy levels. Dieters on the bagel breakfast had an increased tendency to binge on unnecessary snacks. This research supports an earlier research published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition which revealed that people who ate eggs for breakfast consumed lesser calories in the next meal. They also felt more satiated.

The researchers concluded that while an egg breakfast does not induce weight loss in a free living condition, when combined with an energy deficit diet, it does enhance weight loss. An eggy start to the day has the potential to act as a nutritious supplement in weight management plans.

The study is a recent online publication of the International Journal of Obesity.