Wash HandsDo you frequently get a cold that doesn’t seem to go away, even after popping pills? May be you need to check on your hygiene, you heard it right. Natural measures like washing your hands provide much better protection than popping pills in keeping cold at bay, suggests a new study by researchers at German Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG).

The researchers also add that those who think that taking Vitamin C pills help in fighting colds need to reconfirm their facts. Vitamin C is actually quite harmful for humans when consumed in large quantities.

Professor Peter Sawicki, the Institute’s Director, commented, “Not only is there no proof that some antioxidants prolong life, but there is some evidence that certain products may even lead to earlier death.”

He further added, “It can be very difficult to accept that these beliefs are myths, but they are not true if further research does not confirm them or the research points to the opposite conclusion.” There are many simple but effective ways to lower the risk of respiratory infections. These include frequently washing your hands with normal soap and water, and not touching your face with your hands.”

Published on the IQWiG’s website, the research puts to question long standing myths surrounding colds and flu. A common belief for years was that taking vitamin C supplements not only protects against colds, but also against cancer, thereby helping people to live longer. With sufficient information and a quiz on the subject of preventing colds, the study helps separate widespread myths from facts. The research disproves common beliefs in an easy-to-understand way.

The study also highlights important facts about common colds. Researchers suggest that people who already suffer from a respiratory infection can stop its spread by throwing away tissues immediately after use and also not shaking hands with other people.

We suggest the least you can do to avoid the spread of cold is frequently wash your hands. Now how difficult is that?