Injection Many people may have tried innumerable ways of getting rid of dark under-eye circles. They may have tried using materials available in natural form or expensive creams or may have even undergone surgery to get rid of their dark under-eye circles.

Now a non-invasive method has been introduced to help people overcome this problem effectively. Beverly Hills Aesthetics has introduced the revolutionary Dark Circle Treatment for people with dark under-eye circles and Hollow Eye Syndrome.

Beverly Hills Aesthetics is a specialized practice which mainly focuses on non-surgical aesthetics and non-invasive cosmetic techniques. The novel Dark Circle Treatment is the latest innovation of Dr. Sam Assassa, a non-invasive surgeon and also the owner of the Beverly Hills Aesthetics. He states that this unique methodology is an effective, safe and non-invasive alternative for getting rid of the “puffy bags” that develop under the eyes.

Dr. Assassa fills the depression formed between the cheek and eyelid with the help of injectable dermal filler, Juvederm. This process gets rid of the shadow that gives rise to dark circles, and thus improves the way the protruding lower lids look. Following this procedure, they may no longer seem puffy and swollen.

He says that, “Unlike other dark circle treatments, Juvederm actually stimulates your body’s natural collagen production in the areas where it has previously been injected,” He continues that, “In my experience, patients coming in for a return treatment after their first year have under-eye depressions significantly shallower than they did previously.”

This treatment is said to be conducted at Dr. Assassa’s Beverly Hills’ cosmetic surgery office. Such a treatment can be conducted in a short period of time, with results lasting for a year or may be even longer.

The introduction of such a treatment may turn out to be a great help to all those people who desire to have a spotless and clear skin. This novel methodology may help them in effectively getting rid of dark under-eye circles and Hollow Eye Syndrome.