A leading manufacturer of notebook computers is said to have recently introduced the compact DURABOOK MT10 mobile clinical assistant model with Intel Health technology. The award-winning GammaTech Computer Corporation has mainly developed their latest portable invention for those health care professionals, who are in need of such rugged devices.

The Durabook MT10 is ideal for highly mobile and fast-paced health care environments. This device is believed to be based on the mobile clinical assistant reference architecture of Intel. The Durabook MT10 comes fully loaded with palm rejection functionality, anti-glare glass, and also with 4 wire resistive touch-screen capability which may be enabled or disabled manually within merely a few seconds.

Apart from these, the innovative Durabook MT10 also supports Windows Vista Business Edition, along with Windows Vista XP Tablet PC Edition. It even holds an Intel ULV processor U2100. This rugged-device is also believed to be resistant to a four-feet drop and is capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 5 Degree Celsius to 35 Degree Celsius. It may also be stored at a temperature varying from -20 Degree Celsius to 60 Degree Celsius. Not only this, the Durabook MT10 is also said to be resistant to bleach, alcohol, iodine, etc. amongst the other common hospital disinfectants.

Inspite of being fully equipped and loaded with so many features and functionalities, this portable device weighs only about 1.5 kg. Along with a dual hot-swappable battery with 5 hours of battery time, it also houses a built-in stereo microphone array.

If you thought that we have come to the end of the list of features of the Durabook MT10, you may want to think otherwise. This innovative device also offers a 2-mega pixel web-cam with interactive functionality for its privileged users, other than a docking station, RFID reader and an optional integrated bar-code scanner.

The pricing for this beneficial device is not known yet, but it can be obtained directly from GammaTech or even from their worldwide authorized resellers.