Shampoo Bottle and Soap Bar A latest thesis has made an astounding discovery, which could probably change your preferences while shopping for shampoos, conditioners and soaps. It has been stated that many people may be allergic to a specific ingredient used for fragrance in these bath products. This allergic reaction could even possibly lead to eczema. This shocking discovery was presented at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

It has been estimated that, in Sweden around one in every five person may be suffering from a form of contact allergy. According to this thesis, nickel and cobalt were usually believed to be the main culprit causing eczema. However, they have now further added oxidized form of linalool to the list, as well. Oxidized form of linalool is said to be the ingredient used for fragrance in such bath products.

Thesis author, Johanna Brared Christensson, dermatologist, says that, “I would suspect that about 2% of the complete population of Sweden are allergic to air oxidized linalool. That may not sound very much, but it is serious since linalool is so widely used as a fragrance ingredient. Linalool is found in 60-80 percent of the perfumed hygiene products, washing up liquids and household cleaning agents that can be bought in the nearest supermarket, and it can be difficult for people who are allergic to avoid these products.”

For the purpose of better understanding the reason behind their eczema, more than 3,000 patients underwent a patch testing to which the oxidized form of the linalool was said to have been added. It was observed that around 5 to 7 percent of these people were allergic to this substance.

Johanna explains that many people form allergies against this specific ingredient because it is present in various products that are used regularly. She also states that the risk of developing allergies to this product may increase with additional exposure to the substance. However, Johanna also suggests a way of reducing this risk by saying that people could possibly avoid purchasing huge packets of such bath products. She also warns people to replace the bottle caps after use with the hope of reducing their chances of developing eczema.

If these simple measures can aid an individual in keeping eczema at bay, then they are a definite must try!