iPhone Application The privileged users of iPhone and iPod Touch can now benefit from an additional application, called the A1c Converter. This application was believed to be specially developed by Healthy Life Laboratories for patients with diabetes and healthcare professionals.

Diabetes patients are required to keep the level of their blood glucose in control. The presently used home glucose meters are stated to only display the blood glucose level when the blood is tested. On the other hand, hemoglobin A1c boasts of having the ability to permit users to go through their level of glucose taken as far back as 90-120 days. This is said to be the first iPhone application designed by the Healthy Life Laboratories.

They have seemingly designed this application to aid the patients with diabetes to better evaluate the correlation between hemoglobin A1c and blood glucose. This application is believed to be of great help to physicians to verify the efficiency of diabetes therapies.

President of the Healthy Life Laboratories, Dr. Jack Maggiore, says that, “We wanted to develop an easy-to-use tool to permit those familiar with A1c testing to determine their Estimated Average Glucose (eAG), as recommended by the American Diabetes Association, and at the same time provide a means for patients who are given a target for A1c to use their blood glucose results to estimate their A1c outcome.”

More so, it has been stated that the A1c Converter may be the foremost planned application which will also include a training application on accumulating quality samples of blood for glucose testing. This is also said to be the first in a series of planned applications which may also comprise of interactive diabetes educational games to tutor children on how to keep a check on their glucose level.

The two-way calculator of the application is believed to have the ability to convert the input A1c scores to average glucose levels and vice-versa. Apart from this a sliding scale is also stated to display the constant link between glucose and A1c.

Through this innovative application users can easily answer certain questions like, “I had a daily glucose of 169 today. If my glucose stays at this level, what will my A1c score be?” In the same manner the knowledge of one’s A1c score may lead them to the discovery of their average glucose level for the past 90 days. In this way the user may be able to determine where their daily level of glucose should be for them to derive their desired A1c score.