Fujifilm Logo Fujifilm has recently introduced its latest computed radiography model “PRIMA”. This latest digital X-ray model is stated to consist of the various features which are a part of Fujifilm products. They also have high image stability and quality.

“PRIMA” announcement was believed to have been made with the help of JINDAL PHOTO LTD., the solitary distributor of Fujifilm. Computed Radiography (CR) is believed to have taken the presently used X-ray facility to the digital level.

CT was stated to have been established, in the first place by Fujifilm itself in 1983. This technology then went on and became a part of the medical diagnostic applications. Their latest development is stated to be a basic entry level model. Seemingly this technology consists of a lot of benefits. It is believed to have negated the use of chemicals and darkrooms which were earlier needed to process X-rays. Their wider exposure latitude was stated to have reduced the need for any retakes and thereby even reduced the patients’ exposure to radiation.

Kenichi Tanaka, Managing Director, Fujifilm India Pvt. Ltd., says that, “It has always been apart of our vision to bring latest technology in the field of medical imaging into India which is such a big and growing market, I hope that people of India especially the medical fraternity would be immensely benefited by the launch of new CR Model “PRIMA”.”

Since its images may be stored digitally itself, they seemed to lower storage costs. More so, it was also noted that image acquisition was relatively faster with previews available in no time. The acquired images could seemingly be digitally enhanced for proper evaluation. Later these images could also be saved on a disk or transmitted for any off-site analysis.

Rajeev Agarwal, Director – Marketing, Jindal Photo Ltd, says that, “As the people are getting more & more health conscious, so the need of better diagnostic & early detection is increasing in India. PRIMA in an effort towards bringing the quality diagnosis at the smallest clinic or imaging centre at an affordable price, which will help in modernization of overall medical facility in the country.”

In today’s world, Computed Radiology is believed to play the role of the key device in acquiring, processing and displaying digital images. Akin to its predecessor CR also makes use of the same traditional radiography tools. The only difference being that CR makes use of an imaging plate instead of a film.