Girl Silhouette Nowadays, in the name of fashion youngsters are ready to go through any amount of discomfort. Wearing tight, skinny jeans with stilettos may be in vogue, but they could cause nerve problem in a person. It could cause meralgia paresthetica which may also be known as the “tingling thigh syndrome.”

Meralgia paresthetica is said to be a numbness or pain felt in the outer thigh. This kind of a sensation may not be the causal effect of an injury to the thigh. On the contrary this may occur due to an injury to the nerve that runs from the thigh to the spinal column.

This kind of pain was seemingly known to exist in construction workers, pregnant women and obese people. However its rate of occurrence in young women is believed to have elevated with their use of tight jeans and stilettos. This kind of condition may take place when there is a constant pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, which in turn causes a tingling and burning sensation along the thigh.

Dr. John England, a New Orleans neurologist and member of the American Academy of Neurology, says that the nerve of some people may have a greater likelihood of getting compressed. The femoral cutaneous nerve is stated to be a pure sensory nerve. If pressure is applied on this nerve then it may possibly compress the nerve in this region.

However before throwing out all your tight fitted clothing’s we would also like to mention that this condition may often be reversible. Instead of often relying on tight clothes once in a while wearing loose clothes may aid in relieving the pressure on the nerve and regenerating it.