White Hair Silhouette This study may possibly put an end to the amount of fortune spent on rectifying or curing premature grey hair. If this line by itself may not have attracted your attention, then the next line may do the needful. It seems that a mind-boggling and innovative treatment may have been developed which could possibly restore premature grey hair to its original color. This revolutionary treatment is being worked upon by Dr. Bruno Bernard and colleagues at the hair biology research team in L’Oreal, Paris.

These experts have explained that hair may turn grey when the pigment producing cells called melanocytes, die or stop functioning normally. However it was noted that these cells may often survive for a long period of time even after the individual’s hair has gone grey. Apart from this it was even stated that these cells may perhaps lack the TRP-2 enzyme, which evidently gives the skin its color.

Now these experts are hypothesizing that the TRP-2 cells may potentially be able to trigger the lost activity within the pigment cells, which may in turn prompt the hair to gain its original color back.

Dr. Bernard states that, “The hair whitening process is slow and progressive, so we can prevent it.”

These experts are hopeful that incorporating the TRP-2 enzyme in shampoos, conditioners or hair creams may possibly stimulate the inactive melanocytes and thus aid in restoring hair color.

However one criterion that could be problematic is that this product is believed to hit the market within two years of time!