Vibram FiveFingers Worldwide people must be investing in good pairs of running shoes to help them run faster, more comfortably and safely. However, the main purpose of these shoes has also been questioned by some. While using certain running shoes, people usually land on their heel, rather than forefoot, which is directly below the center of gravity. Now, Vibram (Concord, MA) has designed a new product called the FiveFingers, which may be of interest to those people who prefer running barefoot.

Apparently, running barefoot is long known to aid one in running faster and with lesser injuries. More so, even scientific data, athletes and coaches are believed to provide evidence that training barefoot seems to be more effective than with shoes.

Running barefoot is stated to automatically induce one to land directly on their forefoot, which in turn results in more stability, greater balance, greater propulsion and lesser impact. For this purpose the newly designed Vibram FiveFingers is believed to be of great help.

Dr. Ivo Waerlop of the Vibram Biomechanics Advisory Board, says, “Running in FiveFingers improves agility, strength, and equilibrium, plus it delivers sensory feedback that allows runners to make immediate corrections in their form. This greatly improves running efficiency.”

This newly designed product is believed to recreate the real feel and sensation of running barefoot. Along with recreating the real benefits of running barefoot, this also lowers the risk of injuries. This product is stated to be a stripped down version of a shoe, with enough top cloth to hold the foot in place and with a narrow sole.

However having pointed out the benefits associated with FiveFingers, doctor’s consultation prior to its use has also been recommended. More so, this product may not be appropriate for use for people suffering from severe pronation or supronation.