MSU LogoA latest research seems to be in favor of soyfoods as being safe for everyone including men. The researchers were from the Michigan State University.

Soyfoods are known to be a source of premium protein and are comparatively low in saturated fat. They could be a significant part of a heart-healthy diet, perhaps leading to a reduced possibility of cardiovascular disease. Few researches claimed that soyfoods may also play a preventive role in prostate cancer development.

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s May 2009 research was believed to have found that soyfoods and soy isoflavone supplements have no harmful effects on male reproductive health or testosterone levels.

Soy isoflavone appears to be a plant chemical believed to be responsible for many of the health benefits of soy. Apparently, the meta-analysis was a written review of studies on men’s consumption of soyfoods and reproductive health from this research.

“Soyfoods’ role in helping to reduce bone loss and alleviate hot flashes for women, and more recently the protective effects of soyfood consumption for adolescents and for prevention of breast cancer, are some of the health issues that often come to mind when talking about the benefits of soy,” says Gretchen Hofing, Michigan State University Extension soyfoods health educator and a registered dietitian based in Lenawee County.

Hofing further stated that, “This newest study brings to the forefront what research has been saying for years — that soyfoods can also play a positive role in men’s diets.”

A wide variety of soyfoods are believed to be easily available in ordinary grocery stores and also seem to be fast to prepare or include into favorite foods. Soyfoods is noted to have been present in the produce and frozen vegetable passageway as well as with their customary counterparts such as soymilk with dairy milk and soy flour with wheat flour.

For instance, in order to save time, one might make use of frozen ‘burger’ crumbles which seem to require no browning. Also, one could possibly use a container of silken tofu as an alternative in order to cream cheese or sour cream in their preferred dip recipe.

Furthermore, purchasing and consuming soyfoods not only seems to solve health goals but also supports Michigan agriculture.