Jeff Immelt

For enhanced examination of patients, GE has unveiled Vscan. The device was launched by GE’s chairman and CEO Jeff Immelt at the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. Vscan is about the size of a smart phone and has a potent ultrasound technology that could possibly redefine the approach by which doctors examine patients. By giving doctors a look into the body from the palm of a hand, GE claims that Vscan could someday turn out to be as essential as the conventional stethoscope.

Vscan is pocket-sized and appears to have the possibility to assist in redefining the physical exam and enhance patient care by improving a doctor’s capability to swiftly and precisely make a diagnosis. For critical care clinicians, Vscan could provide an instant look further than the patient’s apparent signs with the likelihood to recognize grave problems such as fluid around the heart, which could be an indication of congestive heart failure. And for cardiologists, Vscan apparently offers a reliable visual assessment of how well the heart is pumping at a glimpse so that they could treat patients more effectively.

GE’s subsequent step in developing Vscan is to work with 12 top clinical sites throughout the world to assist in deciding how the technology may affect patient workflow and exams in primary care, critical care and the cardiology practices. The eventual objective is to develop a structural procedure for Vscan exams.