Association For Psychological ScienceThis piece of news might be of a lot of interest to both males as well as females as it concerns the man-woman dynamics. A new study alleges that women smelling natural could be the most favorable means of arresting a man’s attention.

Smells are apparently identified to be vital to the mating habits of animals. Supposedly, several animal studies illustrated that male testosterone levels may be impacted by odor signals discharged by females, especially when they are ovulating. This is when they are believed to be most fertile.

Psychological scientists Saul L. Miller and Jon K. Maner from Florida State University were curious to witness if a comparable reaction arose in humans. In two studies, women wore tee shirts for 3 nights in the several chapters of their menstrual cycles. Male participants apparently smelled one of the tee shirts that had been sported by a female subject. Additionally, a few of the male subjects supposedly smelled control tee shirts that had not been worn by anybody. Also, saliva samples for testosterone examination were apparently gathered prior to and following the smelling of shirts by men.

The outcomes exposed that men who smelled tee shirts of ovulating women appeared to have consequently elevated levels of testosterone as compared to men who smelled tee shirts sported by non-ovulating women or even men who smelled the control shirts. Moreover, following the smelling of shirts, the men supposedly rated the smells on appeal. The men apparently rated the shirts worn by ovulating women as the most agreeable smelling.

The study seems to propose that testosterone levels could be receptive to smells signifying when a woman is fertile. The authors conclude that this biological reaction may perhaps encourage mating-related behavior by males.

The study was published in the Association for Psychological Science.