1Hair Fall:

A head capped with lustrous, bouncy and healthy hair which sways with the breeze and smells like heaven! No this is not a scene out of a movie, it is what everyone wants, irrespective of whether they belong to the fairer sex or not. And why not, with the kind of hair care products and services available off the shelves in the burgeoning hypermarkets of today and in the beauty salons and spas, it is not a dream anymore, but a very acquirable asset.

In a setting like this, hair fall can be not just mildly embarrassing but a potent cause for loss of self-esteem and social confidence and not to mention the greatest evil of our progressive century – stress. Stress which is said to be the major cause of hair fall besides heredity leads one into a vicious cycle, as more the hair fall, the more the person gets stressed and this just worsens the existing situation.

Hair are dead tissues is a known but commonly ignored fact. An average human head has around 10 million hair on it and around 80-100 are lost everyday. Around 10-14% of them are in the resting phase i.e. telogen, 90% in growth phase i.e. anagen and 1% in the dying phase i.e. catagen. When telogen ends, anagen begins and a new hair shaft forms which pushes out the resting shaft out of the follicle.

Thus the hair we have are a fine balance between these three phases of hair growth. This cycle generally takes 3-4 years in most individuals. Imbalance at any phase can cause visible hair fall. Now, if all the hair that grows must fall out one day, then how come we don’t notice it and then what really is hair fall?