ACS Chemistry logoIndividuals have to usually undergo a tedious blood test to know which blood group they belong to. Researchers have now introduced a new method to detect the blood group which is a ‘dipstick’ test. This test seems to identify the blood group of a patient at an affordable price.

The test is simple and requires just a drop of blood to be placed on a specially treated paper strip. The strip then probably displays a color. A particular color signifies the particular blood group mainly A, B, AB, or O. This method is claimed to be extremely beneficial in identifying the blood type of animals too.

The authors added, “The paper diagnostics manufacturing cost is a few pennies per test and can promote health in developing countries.”

The authors revealed that prototype paper test strip impregnated with antibodies to the antigens on red blood cells possibly identifies a person’s blood type. The researchers conducted a lab test to determine the efficiency of the dipstick test. They placed a drop of blood collected from human volunteers on the paper strip. The strip seemed to change the color and the scientists ascertained the blood type. Astoundingly, the results were correctly matched with those achieved by a conventional blood typing.

The researchers further assured that the test is cost friendly and hence can be employed in poor countries. Present day instruments are seemingly expensive and complicated. In case a wrong blood type is declared then it can be fatal for a patient, but the ‘dipstick’ test seemingly displays accurate results.

The research is published in ACS’ semi-monthly journal Analytical Chemistry.