Polar Wearlink NikeNike and Polar have launched the Polar WearLink that works with the Nike+ SportBand and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. For the first time, the tool enables users to run and train by monitoring the heart rate. This device can be conveniently worn across the chest and it transmits the user’s heart rate wirelessly to their Nike+ iPod Sport Kit or SportBand.

This device is capable of enhancing the training experience of Nike+ users thereby assisting them to evaluate how much effort they are putting in. It helps users view their beats every minute as they run with their Nike+ SportBand or also hear audible feedback related to their BPM during their Nike+ iPod workout. It is also revealed that post training the heart rate data can be passed on to the nikeplus.com web service. Users can observe the period they ran within their targeted heart rate zone and identify their heart rate development over time.

Most polar training computers are compatible with the new Polar WearLink+ that works with Nike+. This is may be an advantage as both the Nike+ system and a polar training computer can be used together. The Polar WearLink+ that works with Nike+ is also compatible with the fifth generation iPod nano and the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

This device brings about free movement during the training and avoids interruption. It also has a soft textile chest strap that effortlessly adapts to the users’ body shape. The textile strap can be washed with the help of a machine and the hook enables users to quickly remove or put the transmitter. It is powered by replaceable batteries that increase the ease of utility.

“We are delighted to enter into this partnership with Nike,” says Marco Suvilaakso, Group Product Director at Polar. “Polar and Nike are both market leading global sports brands. Nike users around the globe can now benefit for the first time from pioneering Polar heart rate monitoring technology. The new WearLink+ transmitter Nike+ will make accurate heart rate training available to millions of Nike+ users. It will add a new dimension to their training enabling them to train at the right intensity to achieve their goals. We anticipate this will be a very popular product.”

The Polar WearLink also works with Polar-compatible fitness equipment which includes models from all leading equipment manufactures. This enables users to see their heart rate on the compatible fitness club equipment as well. The coded transmission guarantees that the device may track the right heart rate signal and not someone else’s.

The Polar WearLink+ that works with Nike+ will be available from this month onwards in the United States followed by Canada and major EU countries from the beginning of July. It will be on sale through authorized Polar retailers, Nike-owned retail stores and through the Apple store. It is sold as a Polar accessory bundled with a user manual. The compatible polar training computers can be purchased separately.