ACS logoHealth conscious individuals may often include herbs and other plant-based dietary supplements in their daily diet. But many individuals are not aware about the significant harms possibly caused due to the intake of such supplements, at least the following article suggests so. A latest research reveals that consumption of pills and potions to improve physical fitness can endanger peoples’ health.

It was ascertained that products like black cohosh and red clover can pose a threat to our health. These products are supposedly consumed by menopausal women for decreasing hot flashes and kava that treat anxiety and insomnia. Also, high levels of toxic metals namely lead and mercury, or pesticides apparently exist in certain supplements. It was suggested that the plant itself can also be poisonous or a supplement intake can cause harmful reaction with conventional drugs.

Apparently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is testing all products of supplement manufacturers for contaminants. The exact effects of consuming potentially harmful supplements are not known till date. An ongoing investigation may explain the long-term safety of these products for consumers.

The research is published in the current issue of Chemical & Engineering News (CandEN), ACS’ weekly newsmagazine.