University Of SydneyOne of the leading causes of melanoma, a form of a skin cancer, may be UV radiation from tanning beds. Scientists claim that usage of sunbeds by young people aged 18 to 39 years heightens their risk of developing melanoma by an average 41 percent. Increased risk of melanoma was seemingly observed in people under 30.

The Australian Melanoma Family Study analyzed the use of sunbeds and melanoma in younger adults. Throughout the study, investigators noted that 23 percent of participants with melanoma had used a sunbed. It was discovered that sunbeds lead to around three quarters of melanomas in young people under the age of 30.

Professor Bruce Armstrong from the Sydney Medical School, alleged, “Compared with participants who had never used a sunbed, those who had done so were 41 percent more likely to develop melanoma. Those who had used a sunbed were much more likely to be female, tan easily, to be exposed to more sun on summer holidays during their lifetime, and to have lived in less sunny regions. Participants who began using sunbeds before 20 years of age or reported more than 10 sunbed sessions during their life doubled their risk of melanoma.”

Last weeks an article affirmed solariums to double the risk of skin cancer in young people. And this week it is the study initiated by the University Of Sydney holding the view that sunbeds elevate the risk of melanoma. The authors predict that just by avoiding sunbed exposure, melanoma cases could be restricted in 16 percent patients aged 18-29 years and 3 percent patients aged 30-39 years.