Google Health UpdateIn this modern age almost every individual may have employed the internet for acquiring information about health. And who can forget the contribution of Google Health for managing health history online? This tool also enables its users to set personal health and wellness goals along with the ability of tracking and monitoring progress. To make it more beneficial, Google Health has got a makeover that includes an easier-to-use dashboard and better organization of medical information.

The newly developed dashboard aggregates more health and wellness information in one place than before. This accumulation can help its users to accurately organize and act on that data. Also the enhanced capacity to systematize medical information aids individuals to set a goal and keep a track on it every day. If an individual for example sets a goal to walk more daily or decrease cholesterol, then with the assistance of a visual graph progress towards personalized goal can be accurately monitored. Well it doesn’t stop there, the redesigned Google Health allows individuals to even create trackers for various things like keeping a tab on daily sleep, exercise, pregnancy or even how many cups of coffee drank in a day.

Adopting the latest Google Health can empower its users to take notes or keep a journal on the progress for every health condition or medication consumed. The service also gives data about a required set of medical conditions or specific medications. Individuals can access improved content links for each medical condition, medication or lab result present in the Google Health profile. Loaded with easy to read and customized profile, the tool stands out because of its dexterity to hide past items or sections that are outdated or no longer relevant.

Such a sophisticated profile helps in keeping the dashboard up-to-date with current, relevant information and at the same time maintains a complete health history. The tool has indulged in new partnerships with device and mobile apps developers, so that its users can enjoy an improved organization of their health information online, and also achieve health and wellness goals.