Heart Attack And Stroke Keeping a track of patients diagnosed with heart attack and stroke has apparently become simpler. Scientists from the University of Nottingham have introduced a possible simple test for enhancing the ability to monitor heart attack and stroke patients. The test does not require any specialist equipment and can be initiated in a GP’s surgery or any other health-care setting.

Generally patients may be treated by a daily intake of anti-platelet agents. These agents presumably restrict a thrombotic incidence occurrence that can result in another stroke or a heart attack. The simple-to-use test kit supposedly calculates effectiveness of these medications. It seemingly points out to doctors the need for adjusting dose of the medicine or prescribing a different medicine. Hence threat of further events can be apparently declined.

Since the test is simple-to-use, it may not need specialist devices and can be performed in GP’s surgery or any other health-care setting. The test possibly helps to keep a careful watch on the effects of anti-platelet drugs, especially in the chronic care setting. Professor Stan Heptinstall and colleagues are currently working on improving the accuracy and reliability of platelet activity testing.