Athletes Running Here is some enthralling news for all athletes. Investigators from the University of Bath assert that eating a small amount of carbohydrate regularly aids in recovering faster after exercise. It was mentioned that dietary carbohydrates may be extremely helpful to recover from sports like running, cycling or even resistance exercise.

During the study, it was noted that feeding at 15–30 minutes intervals enables the body to recover more quickly than if the same foods are ingested less frequently. A small amount of protein can presumably provide some added benefits for recovery. This is true probably because it raises the insulin response to feeding and therefore changes the way body handles the ingested carbohydrate.

“This recommendation is therefore easily calculated, with a 70 kg (154 lbs) runner ingesting just under 300g (11 oz) of carbohydrate over the first four hours after exercise, but is less easily consumed in practice given the large volume prescribed. If rapid recovery is therefore a focus during intensified training, my advice would be simply to ingest a high carbohydrate diet and be aware that the quantities your muscles require are likely to exceed your desire to eat them,” highlighted Dr James Betts, from the Human Physiology Research Group within the University’s Department for Health.

It was concluded that the best nutritional strategy to adopt during exercise may be ingestion of carbohydrate without added protein. It seems that nutritional requirements differ after exercise as a small amount of protein can be beneficial for recovery, particularly if carbohydrate has been ingested below the recommended amount. Scientists suggest that for every hour of recovery athletes can consume one gram of carbohydrate per kilogram of lean body mass for maximizing recovery.

The study findings possibly have great implications in the medical world.