Osseon Logo The following technology may offer clinicians an access option to cancellous bone in several areas of the body. Osseon Therapeutics has now bought in the Osseoflex BT Steerable Bone Tamp for attaining percutaneous access to sclerotic bone. The novel device is steerable and minimally invasive.

It comes with Osseoflex Steerable Needle and Osseoflex DR Steerable Drill. When the device is employed along with the Osseoflex Needle, it possibly allows unipedicular access to vertebral compression fractures. These fractures may have been considered inaccessible due to dense, sclerotic bone or malignant tissue. The Bone Tamp is specifically tailored to help doctors gain a percutaneous access option to cancellous bone.

John Stalcup, Ph.D., Osseon’s CEO claims that Osseoflex BT can play a major role in treating vertebral compression fractures related to osteoporosis, myelomas and acute trauma. Along this device, the company has also rolled out the Osseoflex Steerable Needle, Osseoperm Bone Cement, Osseoflex DR Steerable Drill and Osseoflex Access Kit.

The Osseoflex BT Steerable Bone Tamp was launched at the Society of Interventional Radiology’s (SIR) Annual Meeting.