Sheena Lewis Logo Present day tests checking male infertility may cost both time and money. To overcome this complication, investigators have now introduced a male infertility test called SpermComet. This quick and affordable test apparently measures damaged DNA in individual sperm and foretells the success of infertility treatments.

Employing the novel test allegedly informs couples about the most likely outcome of the treatment and hence, tremendously decreases waiting times and improved chances of conception. While one in every six couples probably have difficulty in having a family, 40 percent of cases have problems related to the man. As of now the medical world has developed a couple of accurate methods to measure fertility among men. The traditional diagnosis of male infertility reportedly depends on semen analysis.

“The SpermComet test is so called because it looks just like a comet in the sky. The head of the ‘Comet’ is undamaged DNA and the tail is damaged DNA. From the tail of the ‘Comet’ we can measure exactly the amount of damaged DNA in each individual sperm. Good quality sperm DNA is closely associated with getting pregnant and having a healthy baby, and the SpermComet Test is the most sensitive test available for sperm DNA testing,” explained Professor Sheena Lewis.

The SpermComet is believed to be the most sensitive test available to help clinics tailor treatment specifically to the man’s needs. It proffers quick results and seems to be inexpensive. The test supposedly has major implications for couples around the world.

This newly developed test is already available through a number of fertility clinics in Glasgow, Dublin and Galway.