You open the newspaper each morning only to see alarming proportions of emotional turmoil people experience. Even if you are an adult in the true sense, your mind could often go awry, and that’s right where this list of 10 good mental health tips will help. Surprisingly, our mental health is reflected in every little work we do. A simple smile, a frown, a touch of anxiety, all may embody our complete mental health. Another interesting aspect of our mind is that it is completely in our control. It is up to us to cajole it to be our best friend or offend it to be our dreaded enemy. Here is our list of the 10 good mental health tips which we’re hoping when applied in the thought process can help you go a long way.

Good Mental Health Tips

Self-esteem – Shockingly, most of them evaluate themselves through others eyes. As per a study reported by the American Psychological Association, this is typically the root cause of all sorts of depression, confusion and anxieties. Self esteem is one of the major upheavals in the realm of mental issues like narcissism and psychosis. The first step towards your mental stability is developing self-esteem and self confidence. Precisely, be comfortable in your own skin.

Resilience – Yes, true life is not a bed of roses. Embrace each difficulty with a smile. It could be something as simple as a tiring sunny afternoon. Just get over it, sweat your way out and then return home to have a nice shower. This was a simple case, but is applicable to major hiccups in life such as a loss of a sibling or major failure at work. According to Canadian Mental Health association, negative thoughts tend to dominate our thinking. Instead of trying to create a barrier for them, just zone out from the situation, if a suitable solution doesn’t seem around. The term resilience that is an ability to bounce back should be bolded in your dictionary of life.

Healthy routine – We often see great personalities following a healthy routine and wonder how do they manage? It’s not that tough as it looks. Eat well, sleep well, and allot some time for your own whims and fancies. Spare some time for exercise, as a fit and energized body will manifest itself in the mind as well. A recent study by York university researchers unfolded how yoga could be an effective reliever of stress. Self discipline will go a long way in instilling a sense of fulfillment in us.

Expand your circle – The right word is socializing. As it is rightly said, achieving what we desire is only fruitful when we can share it with someone. Make good friends, meet new people, and introduce yourself even in a chance encounter with someone. We don’t realize that simple pleasantries exchanged with others tend to invoke positive emotions in our mind.

Kill your vengefulness – Every time someone offends you they establish power over you. So what do you do? Take revenge. Well this surely may not be the right thing to do as a study conducted by Colgate University psychologist Kevin Carlsmith has revealed that when you avenge something, we naturally feel bad about it rather than delight.

Mental Health Tips

Tickle your funny bone at times – Laughing out loud may be a way to kick that stress off. Whenever the opportunity presents itself just smile. Let your grin reach your eyes and see how good you feel about yourself minutes later. Joke around and keep the humor alive.

Beat perfectionism – Work is supposed to be fun and obsessing over it will only stress your mind. While a little amount of competitive spirit keeps the objective alive, too much of it will backfire.

Nurture good memories – It may be your beloved brothers wedding, the first car you gifted your dad, these moments are to be collected not only in your thoughts but also in your journal. Very often we find that as we scan through albums, a smile automatically lightens our face. Such picture perfect moments are touted to become your permanent assets for life.

Enjoy life to the fullest – Go in for frequent outings, plan great evenings, and make each moment worth living. Most importantly, activate your senses, smell the nice delicious food momma has made, listen to cool music played by your brother and don’t ever use the stance- I am bored. Life is too short to let boredom step in.

Share goodwill – At every phase of life we will witness new challenges, new temptations, and certain scenarios will force us to behave badly with our dear ones. But then if you have good intentions then reconciling shouldn’t be a problem. Think good of others not for their goodwill rather for yourself. You will be surprised at the enormous amount of mental satisfaction you will encounter in the process.

After reading this list of 10 good mental health tips, you may feel what’s so novel about it – ‘I know it already!’. Well, that’s the game life plays, these values are all inbuilt in us and what we really require is a drive to keep us going. Just be yourself and see how it works for you.