Why are we putting down home remedies for snoring? Well, one can hardly imagine the plight of a person trying to sleep next to someone who snores. It can be extremely disturbing and cause sleepless nights for not only the snorer but also their partner. It has been observed in many cases that the snoring problem has actually affected relationships seriously. Snoring is a loud noise that comes from a sleeping person. This sound is a result of the vibrations that occur in the respiratory structures. Whenever there is any kind of blockage in the passage of air during the breathing process, it directly culminates into a sound that is commonly known as snoring. The other factors that lead to snoring are muscle tone of tongue, physical exhaustion, consumption of alcohol in excess, age, obesity etc.

Person Snoring Sleeping

The nasal cavity is a little narrower in men as compared to women due to which men suffer from snoring relatively more than women. However this does not change the fact that it’s a problem that needs to be dealt with. Generally the only symptom is the loud sound heard while sleeping, however sometimes it is accompanied by heavy breathing. Also, the snorer might have to wake up to take a deep breath as snoring is often accompanied by sleep apnea. This leads to disturbed sleep at night and daytime drowsiness. Fortunately this problem can be dealt with effectively to a certain extent at our homes itself. Read on to know how with our list of the home remedies for snoring:

Lose Weight – Researchers have proved that losing weight could actually make your snoring go away. Excess weight on the neck, face and chest causes pressure on the respiratory structures while lying down resulting in snoring. This one has many benefits apart from merely treating snoring.

Quit Smoking – Apart from the well-known ill effects of smoking like lung cancer and COPD, snoring is another one to look out for. Smoking causes congestion in the nasal cavity and increases mucous growth in the throat area which leads to snoring.
Posture- Sleeping sideways is believed to be the ideal posture for sleeping. Also, following a regular timely routine of sleeping can work wonders in dealing with snoring. The position of the head is also extremely important while sleeping. These days specially designed pillows are available in the market. These pillows help keep your head at a position where breathing is easy as the tongue and jaws are moved forward. The neck muscles don’t get cramped.

Avoid Heavy meals – Avoiding heavy meals or spicy meals just before retiring can work wonders.

Avoid Caffeine – Caffeine drinks should be strictly avoided before going to bed.

Avoid alcohol and sleeping pills – The muscles in the throat and the soft tissues relax after alcohol consumption. This directly interferes with the breathing process leading to snoring.

Exercise – Exercising on a regular basis helps tone the throat muscles thereby reducing snoring.

Home Remedies Snoring

Clear Nose – The nasal passages should be kept clear. Having a congested nasal passage makes inhalation tedious, thereby creating a vacuum in the throat which causes snoring. Clearing nasal passages with a nasal pot or decongestants can be very effective.

Clean Air – The bedroom air should be kept moist. Dry air tends to irritate the nose and throat membranes leading to snoring.

Right breathing – Correct breathing techniques are very important. Albeit unconsciously a lot of us tend to breathe the wrong way! The lungs must descend while inhaling and rise while exhaling. Most of us do the opposite. Consciously correcting it till it becomes a habit is essential.

Olive Oil – Taking 2-3 sips of olive oil immediately before sleeping is believed to help cure snoring.

Ghee – Putting 3-4 drops of pure ghee in each nostril before sleeping is found to be effective in treating snoring as it clears the nostril.

Eucalyptus – Taking eucalyptus oil drops on the head or massaged onto chest has a soothing and calming effect without any side effects and can help cure snoring.

Marjoram Oil – Sleeping with an open container of marjoram oil next to the bed is believed to ease the breathing process as it clears the nasal passage.

The above mentioned home remedies for snoring if followed regularly should help relieve this problem significantly and bless not only you but your partner with a sound healthy sleep. New onset of snoring or worsening of a previously existing problem indicates need for medical help and should be taken immediately from a registered medical practitioner. Such changes must not be ignored or blindly treated too long with herbal measures lest they take an ugly turn.

Dr. Rachita Narsaria