Beetroot 01

This report may come as good news to people getting their tongues reddened by consuming beetroots, but only if they intend to bank on it. Beet juices or beetroot-enriched bread could lower blood pressure, claim scientists at the University of Reading.

The investigators found that both white and red color beets may help in reducing blood pressure. Notably, bread enhanced with red or white beetroot seemingly lowered blood pressure. This effect could be attributed to the high proportions of nitrate found in beetroot. This chemical transforms into nitric oxide when it is ingested. The constituent is responsible for increasing blood flow, thereby keeping the blood pressure low.

“Processing beetroot during bread production did not significantly impact on the effects of reducing BP, and our studies suggested that nitrate in beetroot contributed to BP reduction, whereas betalains had minimal impact. Further, enriching bread with beetroot may provide a useful vehicle to increase beetroot consumption, particularly for those people at risk of cardiovascular disease,” quoted Professor Julie Lovegrove, of the Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences at Reading,

Moreover, betalains are ingredients of beets that give them their deep red color. While white beets do not comprise betalains, they contributed equally in maintaining the normal pace of blood flow. Thus, betalains did not seem to be as effective in reducing blood pressure. Basically, the findings suggested that nitrate-rich foods could control high blood pressure even when taken in lower amounts.

The report, ‘Beetroot juice, beetroot enriched bread and blood pressure’ is published in the British Journal of Nutrition.