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The next time we brush our teeth, we can safely assume that our heart is getting purified in the process, at least that’s what this report suggests. According to a team from the British Heart Foundation (BHF), a clean set of teeth could be the key to a healthy heart.

This effect is apparently because harmful bacteria found in teeth plague could also mix in the bloodstream. If this happens, it could lead to blood clots, thereby causing a fatal heart condition. This microbe known as Streptococcus gordonii is found in decayed tooth that generally contributes to the same. However, if this bacteria escapes into the blood, it could result in a life-threatening heart condition called endocarditis.

June Davison, BHF Senior Cardiac Nurse, commented, “It’s already well established poor oral hygiene can increase the risk of endocarditis. The condition is very rare but it’s also very serious – the lining of the heart becomes infected which can damage your heart’s valves. Good oral hygiene can help to protect you against endocarditis so it’s really important to clean your teeth everyday and visit your dentist regularly.”

While most of us focus on having a fit body, oral hygiene is mostly neglected. With habits such as smoking and soft drink consumption showing a rising trend, it is important to keep the tooth free from decay. Bacteria lurk in dental cavities and may easily get mixed with the blood flowing in the body. This could be one major contributor to other infections in the body, one the team believes could be endocarditis.

After all brushing the teeth two times in a day and visiting the dentist regularly could give us more than just sparkling teeth. The report was presented at the Society for General Microbiology’s Spring Conference in Dublin.