Weights Workout

Flaunting those toned muscles like our favorite mentors should not be difficult if this report looks agreeable to us. Professionals at the McMaster University have shown that lifting light weights for more number of times apparently holds the key to body building.

For the trial, a set of healthy individuals was exposed to resistance training for a span of 10 weeks. They were assigned to different sessions of working out with heavy or light weights. As per the findings, there seemed to be no significant difference between the muscle volumes of the 2 groups. Both the sets gained considerable muscle growth, as observed in the MRI. However, those who lifted heavy weights seemed to have slightly more strength than the others.

“We found that loads that were quite heavy and comparatively light were equally effective at inducing muscle growth and promoting strength,” commented Cam Mitchell, one of the lead authors of the study and a PhD candidate in the Department of Kinesiology.

While a person carrying the heaviest weight can perform the exercise for about 8 to 12 times, light weight users should be able to lift it for about 25 to 30 times. Reported in the Journal of Applied Physiology, the findings of this study encourage weight training among fitness enthusiasts. The present day complex requirements for such programs deter people from taking it.

Some avid trainers even place extra kilos on heavy weights to increase their loads. Experts have now shown that using light weights and increasing the frequency of lifting them should work just as heavy weights in promoting toughness and fitness.