Calcium Pills

It seems obtaining nutrients in their natural forms could be better than consuming artificially made supplements, at least that’s what we’ve seen in some recent studies. According to a team from the British Heart Foundation (BHF), calcium supplements may raise the risk of heart attack.

Not so long ago, vitamin E pills were cited to increase prostate cancer risk. As part of the current study, nearly 24,000 individuals were examined. Among them, volunteers who consumed calcium pills seemed to face 86% more chances of suffering from heart attack. Calcium supplements are generally prescribed to senior citizens and post-menopausal women for maintaining optimal bone health.

Natasha Stewart, BHF Senior Cardiac Nurse, commented, “This research indicates there may be an increased risk of having a heart attack for people who take calcium supplements. However, this doesn’t mean these supplements cause heart attacks. If you’ve been prescribed calcium supplements, you should still keep taking your medication, but speak to your doctor if you have any concerns.”

However, the study published in the journal Heart, did not imply that calcium pills cause heart attack. It suggested that they may increase the risk of having an attack. The team urged professionals to weigh the potential risks and benefits of consuming calcium supplements among people suffering from conditions like osteoporosis.

Further studies are required to gauge the precise correlation between calcium supplements and heart attack risk, the scientists added. Those currently taking such medications may continue taking them and should consult their physicians in case of any difficulties.