The scenario which we generally refer to as ringing in the ears is called tinnitus in medical terms. A team from the Maastricht University has now disclosed a new technique for treating tinnitus.

In the trial, nearly 492 patients suffering from the aforesaid condition were incorporated for a span of 12 months. The scientists tested cognitive behavioral therapy and coupled it with techniques related to audiology and psychology. The therapy basically involved freeing the mind from anxiety surrounding the condition and performing resting exercises. Later, the patients were exposed to the tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT), which looks after the perception of sounds.

Specific movements and mind-based exercises were included as part of treatment that was conducted by a team of psychologists, movement and speech experts. Cognitive behavioral therapies for conditions like tinnitus should work, considering the issue is accompanied by problems like low concentration, less sleep, depression, anxiety and so on.

As per the results of the analysis, the overall health of patients seemed to be improved. Their symptoms related to discomfort apparently reduced over time. As compared to other forms of treatment, the scientists believed that this type of therapy could be more fruitful. It can alternately be used to treat tinnitus-associated fear or mood swings and false perceptions as well. This kind of cognitive behavioral treatment can be used for both mild and severe forms of the condition.

Reported in the journal, The Lancet, this study is an important step towards treating tinnitus.