3Olive oil and other oils –

The packaged and ready-mix food industry profits off hydrogenated oils. The latter is made by adding hydrogen to liquid oils to increase their shelf life, improve texture and save money. Such oils are high in trans fat and terrible for your heart. You might not be able to eliminate them from your diet at once. But you can take baby steps towards this goal by replacing them gradually.

First off, avoid mass produced eats like cookies, bread, biscuits, ready-mix meals and so on unless they’re specifically stated to have no hydrogenated vegetable oil. Secondly, start bringing cholesterol friendly options like sunflower, safflower, canola and olive oil into your diet. Coconut oil (hydrogenated or virgin) is not recommended for use since it has extremely high levels of saturated fat.

Mustard oil and raw peanut oil are also good alternatives. While rice bran oil is said to be an ideal choice for deep frying food, it has been found to lower calcium levels in the body. Canola, sunflower and safflower oils can tolerate heat, but olive oil is best avoided for cooking. Elect to boil, steam or grill instead of frying. A heat diffuser will allow you to use less oil while cooking.