1First things first:

A lot of diabetes health tips must have been published on World Diabetes day that went by in November with a lot of press and fanfare. I am sure most of you caught some of the action, it was hard to miss. Yet, millions in our country go undiagnosed.

So if you are undergoing diabetes treatment, you are fortunate enough to have had your condition diagnosed. The next step now is to make adjustments required to manage diabetes. A condition such as diabetes definitely changes your way of life.

But the important thing to remember is that it need not define your life. Here are some useful diabetes health tips which will allow you to carry on as usual with minor changes. Once you’ve made these small tweaks to your lifestyle, you’ll barely notice the difference.

No table sugar:


Since you expected this, let us get it out of the way first. We do not know the true flavor of many foods from tea to yogurt because all we taste every time is the same sugary sweetness. Immediately cutting out added sugar will be too hard on your taste buds.

Try to decrease your use of sugar gradually. Once you learn the true flavor of tea, you will wonder how you ever swallowed that sugary syrup before. Or you could add a bit of flavor like a stick of cinnamon to your tea or any other suitable drink to sweeten it safely.

If you must continue to sweeten your drinks and dishes as usual, one of the most popular natural substitutes is stevia. It doesn’t leave behind the metallic taste that the artificial sweetener saccharin does and it’s not mired in as much controversy as aspartame.