About Us

Launched in July 2006, HealthJockey.com is an online publication that reports exclusively about health issues, which include fitness, nutrition, common as well as chronic ailments, and much more.

The site is updated 6 days a week, with news articles and features that report about various issues, from the latest breakthrough in the medical world to the basic home remedies and so on. The basic intention behind the same is to elucidate the importance of health to our readers along with the regular changes and advancements that the present-day medical world is carving.

We report about various aspects of health, such as fitness, which includes the modern-day aerobics to the age-old Yoga; about the importance of regular food habits and nutrition; the pros and cons of certain vices such as smoking, etc. and of course the significance of mental health in one’s physical well-being. In addition, we also regularly update the site with features on various health-related topics; along with interviews of medical professionals where they speak on several issues, from common colds to cancer.

Editorial Contacts:

Editor: Manoj Seth

Managing Editor: Abhishek Yadav

Copy Editor: Rohini Ujjal

Sub Editor: Kunal Seth

Features Writer: Dr. Bharat Desai

Press Information: You can always send us press releases at [email protected]. You can press updates concerning medical developments, inventions, products, co-operations, statistics, and other essential information together with a relevant picture in .jpeg format. If your press release includes any type of charts or tables, please add them also as pictures.

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Samar Pavillion, Plot No. 4
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