Ambu aScope videoscope

Ambu introduces a new device that expands the company’s portfolio within anaesthesia. Dubbed as the aScope, the device is a single-use videoscope that distinctly blends single-use technology with advanced new single-use electronics.

Designed for anaesthetists, it should help them to visualize the airways of patients who will be anaesthetized. Typically when patients are under general anaesthesia, they cannot breathe unaided. Hence anaesthetists ensure that the airways are unobstructed to help the patient to breathe. This is generally ensured by the use of a laryngeal mask or through endotracheal intubation that utilizes an ET tube.

“In my opinion, it is an exciting and innovative product that we are launching. Technological advances have made it possible to incorporate single-use electronics into our products, which is why we have been able to develop a very relevant product for hospitals. A product which has the potential of both improving the treatment of patients and increasing efficiency at the hospitals. It is too early to estimate the future market for our new product,” remarked Lars Marcher, President & CEO.

However with some patients, it could be difficult to maintain breathing possibly due to obesity, narrowings etc. of the neck and throat. Currently, anaesthetists use a reusable fibre-optic scope. The Ambu aScope, the company claims could function as an alternative to the reusable scope in such cases.

The device mainly comprises of two parts. The first is a single-use ergonomic hand-held control unit. This helps to control a flexible insertion tube making it easier to visualize the upper airways. Equipped with a built-in single-use camera that has an LED, the insertion tube features a channel that administers local anaesthetic.

The second part of the device is a monitor that enables the anaesthetist to view the patient’s upper airways. It is useful when the anaesthetist has to intubate a patient using the device. Some other features of the lightweight aScope include intuitive handle design, endotracheal tube retention rings and packaged sterile and ready for use after connection. It is also easy and uncomplicated to use.

The Ambu aScope was presented at the European congress for anaesthetists, Euroanaesthesia 2009, held in Milan on 6-9 June 2009.