Newly Born Baby

Not many of us are aware of an infection caused by a species of bacteria called Cronobacter that have recently infected infants of four states namely Oklahoma, Florida, Missouri and Illinois. Probing into this disease, professionals from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have put forth some important findings related to the Cronobacter infection acquired by babies in the aforesaid states.

After a process of DNA fingerprinting, the scientists found that the Cronobacter infection observed in all 4 states were not related in any manner as the bacteria varied genetically across different regions. The team also came across the bacteria in an open vessel of infant formula, an open nursery water bottle and another utensil containing prepared infant formula.

The scientists are not clear of how the contamination took place. However, the FDA conducted a test on closed containers of powdered infant formula and nursery water in the same place where the open utensils were found. Apparently, no strains of the Cronobacter bacteria were incident at that place.

Moreover, there are no evidences pointing out that the infant formula and nursery water containers got polluted during the production or distribution phases. The team is continuing the investigation procedures by testing specimens obtained from other infected infants too.

As per the latest updates, infants in Missouri and Florida have unfortunately succumbed to it, while those in Illinois and Oklahoma have survived. The scientists have put forth certain safety tips for parents while preparing infant powdered formula.

The team concluded that guardians may continue to use infant powdered formula as advised by the manufacturer in the package.