Woman Boxing Aging Factors

Hardly there will be anyone who wouldn’t want to look younger and have a healthier and glowing skin. Thanks to the remarkable advancements made in the medical field, it has now become easier to slow down the hands of the biological clock. However, inspite of these advancements it may not be possible to avoid inevitable exposure to the sun, environmental conditions and the toll that lifestyle has on one’s health.

Apart from the impact that these factors may have on the health, they are also believed to affect the skin. Besides, considering that the skin is one of the most obvious evidences reflecting one’s age, an increased amount of effort may be required to maintain it. There are a number of helpful factors that may act as a shield in this centuries-old fight against aging skin.

These factors include living a healthy lifestyle, having a well-balanced meal, keeping a healthy and positive mind, indulging in enjoyable physical activities, etc. A good nutritious diet may not only aid in maintaining one’s physiological health, but it may also prove to be useful in various other dimensions as well. But, often it may not be possible to derive the required amount of nutrients from diet alone; therefore in this case vitamins and supplements may be a helpful alternative. Apparently, a number of herbs and nutrients are also believed to be beneficial in restoring and maintaining a healthier and youthful looking skin.

Having said this, we would also like to point out that although aging is not really the demon that various advertisements portray it; it may often affect one’s self image and confidence level. Therefore it is crucial to follow a certain regime which may not only be useful in maintaining a healthier and youthful looking skin, but also a healthier mind and body.

Battle Against Age

The main idea behind following a proper healthy regime is that – the visible problem is only the effect! By treating its underlying causes, aging skin could be reversed to look younger and feel healthier. There are many factors which may be responsible for an aging skin; however its prime cause is believed to be damage incurred by the molecules called free radicals. Here, anti-oxidants come to the rescue of the proverbial damsel in distress! It seems that anti-oxidants are effectively armed with the ability to fight against these free radicals. Therefore, the consumption of food items containing these helpful anti-oxidants may be of assistance in the battle against age.

More so, the consumption of foodstuffs rich in vitamins C and E are also believed to be beneficial. While vitamin C is considered to increase longevity, vitamin E is noted to be a potent antioxidant that delays aging and protects against cancer and arteriosclerosis. Apart from this, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and spices among other things are stated to be a powerhouse of these naturally occurring compounds. The best way to incorporate a diet rich in anti-oxidants is through a combination of a variety of foodstuffs like broccoli, soy, carrots, whole grains, spinach, garlic, tomatoes, tea, etc.

Besides these food items, some other beneficial foodstuffs including legumes, cereals, yogurt, fish, poultry, green leafy vegetables, low fat dairy products, etc. may even help one stay healthy and look younger.

Well, like everything else even foodstuffs have their pros and cons. Where the consumption of certain food items is found to be helpful, there are certain foodstuffs which are believed to do more harm than good. Therefore for the purpose of maintaining one’s health, avoiding the intake of certain foodstuffs is considered a step taken in the right direction. The avoidable foodstuffs include the intake of junk food, instant food, fast-food, animal proteins, sugar, caffeine, processed white flour, trans-fats and chemical additives, among others. More so, keeping distance from certain factors is also believed to further help in delaying the process of aging. Alcohol and smoking are believed to be one of main causes which accelerate this aging process. Therefore abstaining from these potentially harmful factors may do more good than imagined.

Another simple technique of maintaining one’s freshness and youthfulness is to keep oneself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Yes, that’s right; this simple technique notably holds the ability to hydrate the skin and flush out harmful toxins from within the body, thereby leaving behind a supple and healthy looking skin.

Aging Gracefully

Having pointed out ways that can delay aging to a certain extend; it is also very crucial to understand that aging does not mean the world has come to an end. The “devastating” process of aging can be turned around in such a way that it can be fooled in its own game! How, you ask. Well, for starters one does not necessarily have to look the way they age. It is not mandatory for people to carry around a tag of their biological age on the forehead!

Here, the term “age gracefully” seems to be very apt for use. However, aging gracefully, if we may say so, may come naturally to only a small percentage of people. For the remaining not-so-lucky souls, they may have to do more than just sport a Pierce Brosnan haircut!

For this purpose, exercising regularly, getting adequate amount of sleep, keeping one’s mind and body healthy, reducing stress, etc. are stated to be effective guidelines to a healthier body. Apart from aiding in weight loss and improving physical health, exercise also holds the ability to act as a mood-lifter and lower stress. Regular exercise rejuvenates a person by improving their blood circulation that apparently brings more oxygen to the skin. However, exercising does not always mean following a daily routine of exercises which get monotonous over a period of time. An individual can incorporate various “fun” ways of exercising and keeping themselves fit. Aerobics, dancing, martial arts, swimming, jogging, team sports, etc. could effectively do the trick.

Apart from this, even “gentler” forms of exercises like walking and yoga may also prove to be a good alternative. Besides yoga, even meditation has been proved to help in keeping the mind calm and the body healthy. They are considered to be good relaxing practices which may be instrumental in maintaining a good health.

More so, pampering oneself every once in a while with body massages and sauna may not be that big a crime! They notably help the blood in circulating effectively, which results in leaving behind a fresher and younger look.

As people age, their skin gets drier and as a result face lines and wrinkles become more evident. For this purpose, regular application of sunscreens, creams and moisturizers are believed to be beneficial. It is believed that regular use of moisturizers may help in smoothening out these lines and may also keep the skin supple and soft. Sunscreens, on the other hand, notably prevent sun rays from incurring further damage to the skin. More so, application of moisturizes and creams right after bath may also prove to be a wise move for preventing the skin from drying.

The use of exfoliants twice or thrice a week is believed to be of great help in giving a natural glow to a person. Also, the use of effective face-masks and anti-aging creams containing vitamin E may evidently iron-out fine lines appearing on the skin.

Apart from these products, maintaining cordial relations with family members, relatives, community members, etc. may also prove to do more than just bring a smile to your face. Relationships, purportedly, have the ability to fill a person with joyous feelings, which seemingly boost the immunity system. This may in turn leave an individual feeling a healthy glow both from within as well as from outside.

Having a positive outlook towards life can do wonders to one’s physical appearance. Frowning faces often result in lines appearing around the corners of the mouth; whereas smiling faces rarely experience this problem. Other than this, smiling is also believed to help in knocking down years from a person by bringing a bright and cheerful twinkle in their eye. Besides, it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that a smiling person does look more attractive and approachable than a scowling one!

Before we end this article, we would like to stress on the fact that a doctor’s advice is highly recommended prior to the implementation or use of any new dietary or exercise regime.