Top 10 Healthiest Fast Food

We are often thrilled to do something out of the box. There’s something in ditching home-made food for some oven-fresh burgers and steaming hot fries. And now that we present to you a list of 10 healthiest fast foods, you can simply grab this opportunity to show your fitness trainer that you are on the right track. Very often, healthy home-made food is what is advised by physicians and parents. But what when your stomach can’t stop growling on a tiring sunny afternoon at your workplace? Are there healthy fast foods over-the-counter? Simply scroll to have a look at the 10 healthiest fast foods.

Fruit n Yoghurt Parfait Fruit ‘n’ Yogurt Parfait – Using creamy low fat vanilla yogurt and garnishing it with blueberries or strawberries may be nothing less than a grand treat for those driven by hunger pangs. Constituting approximately 160 calories, this dessert is touted to be low in cholesterol and sodium. Health conscious people may be happy to know that it contains immunity boosting iron and vitamin C too.

Oatmeal with fruits and nuts Oatmeal with fruits and nuts – This meal can be a true savior for workaholics who tend to skip breakfast. Made from whole grains it is deemed to be filling until your lunch. The fruits and nuts like walnuts, almonds and pecans add on to its nutritious output and make the meal more compelling.

Bean Burrito Bean Burrito – It is warm, light and soft flour wrapped over frivolous beans and can be dressed neatly with diced onions and flavored sauce. It comprises almost 370 calories and is rich in dietary fiber and vitamin A. Though it is high in sodium, it can make up for it by its other promising constituents.

Veggie Delite Veggie Delite – This is the best pick if you’re a diet conscious vegetarian. Constituting fresh vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and olives, it is touted to be low in calories and also has high levels of iron and vitamin C. Though most may cringe that the wheat may pile up some kilos, it has more of fiber that helps digestion.

Vegetarian Sandwich With No Mayo Vegetarian sandwich with no Mayo – This one is a sandwich delight with almost 473 calories and 16g protein. An amalgamation of provolone, avocado spread, cucumber, sprouts, lettuce, and tomato, would be best suited for this preparation that may provide solace to persons yearning for a wholesome vegetarian sandwich.

Grilled Chicken Garden Salad Grilled Chicken Garden Salad – This non-vegetarian meal could have an invigorated veggie touch to it. With leafy vegetables, tomatoes dressed neatly in the salad, the grilled chicken is light on the body. Moreover, this delicacy is high in vitamin A and vitamin C that fetches it some extra brownie points.

Honey BBQ Sandwich Honey BBQ Sandwich – Light and delicate morsels of chicken flooded with hickory flavored honey BBQ sauce can be enjoyed to the core by sandwiching it in soft, sweet bread. This combo is one of the most sought after flavors for a supreme meal. Constituting nearly 300 calories, the honey in it may simply click with fitness buffs.

Chicken Nuggets Chicken Nuggets – Crunchy chicken made of white meat rounded in a crisp tempura batter, it is low in fat too. It may just mould our minds into savoring it all by ourselves. ‘So does anyone want a piece’ may not be the right thing to ask if you opt for this one.

Ultimate Chicken Grill Ultimate Chicken Grill – Boosting of being totally diet friendly, it is a burger with soft grilled chicken breast fillet and can be used with sweet honey mustard sauce. With about 7 grams of fat, it ought to be the preferred choice for healthy eating. Also, being grilled, it is far better than the usual deep fried meats.

Diced Chicken Red Onion And Green Pepper Pizza Diced Chicken Red Onion and Green Pepper Pizza – Rightly termed, it is meant to be light and pleasing to the taste buds. The diced chicken ought to be easily digested and preferably, white meat sounds right for this meal. It is low in fat and could be the right option on a busy noon.

Well, as per EIU dietetics’ graduate Jen Hewitt, ordering individual items and not complete meals, skipping the mayo and having low or nonfat milk and 100% juice may help you relish to the optimum while keeping fitness a priority. Hope the aforesaid list of 10 healthiest fast foods takes you on a delicious ride. Happy eating!