Blackcurrant Fruit A British researcher has come to the conclusion that the blackcurrant is the healthiest fruit of all. He reached this conclusion after he analyzed the findings of many research papers on the properties of 20 popular fruits.

This research conducted by Dr. Derek Stewart shows that blackcurrant fruits are more nutritious than homegrown apples, strawberries, tropical mangoes or even bananas.

According to Dr. Stewart, blackcurrants contain the highest levels of health-boosting antioxidants and natural compounds that have been credited with the ability to keep away a number of sicknesses ranging from cancer to heart disease.

Blackcurrants were found to top in terms of anti-oxidants, followed by raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and pomegranates.

‘The motivation for the research came from the huge publicity surrounding superfoods, coupled with lack of consumer knowledge. We wanted to find out which fruit came out on top,’ said Dr. Stewart.