Heart Choclate Now, chocoholics have a good enough reason to eat what they love the most thanks to a Canadian company Innovative Life Sciences that has actually managed to develop a chocolate that has the ability to lower one’s cholesterol.

Known as the ‘Heart Chocolate”, this so-called healthy chocolate contains an ingredient called CM-X, which is nothing but a combination of cinnamon and bitter melon. The company claims that this ingredient can lower blood sugar and cholesterol.

According to Innovative Life Sciences, the newly developed chocolate will be beneficial for people who have Type-2 diabetes, because it does not contain sugar.

A spokesperson for Innovative Life Sciences said, “Heart Chocolate is the only chocolate bar equipped with CM-X, an ingredient scientifically and clinically proven to lower blood sugar and high cholesterol. It also acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.”

The spokesperson also added that eating around three squares a day would surely bring results in weeks.

The company also confirmed that the health benefits of the CM-X chocolate have been officially approved by Health Canada.

Company president David Solomon said, “There has been an increased awareness about all the health benefits of chocolate. It is particularly noted for its anti-oxidant properties. By adding the highly concentrated extracts of cinnamon and bitter melon, we have created a delicious and healthy chocolate snack that can actually treat diabetes, high cholesterol and related cardiovascular conditions.”

Heart Chocolate is available in the market for a price of 1.75 pounds per bar. It is also available online at www.heartchocolate.ca.