overweight If your weight is tipping the weighing scale over, there is a higher chance of people running away from you. A study has revealed a direct link between obesity and bad breath.

The research was led by breath expert Prof. Mel Rosenberg from the Department of Human Microbiology and the Maurice and Gabriela Goldschleger School of Dental Medicine, Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University.

The researchers said that the more overweight a person is, the more likely it is that their breath will smell.

It was also reported for the first time ever that there is scientific evidence that links bad breath to alcohol consumption.

“The finding on alcohol and bad breath was not surprising because the anecdotal evidence was already there. However, the finding that correlated obesity to bad breath was unanticipated,” said Prof. Rosenberg.

The study included a sample of 88 adults of varying weights and heights. Graduate student Tsachi Knaan, a co-author of the study, asked the participants at a clinic for a regular check-up to test the odor of their breath and ask questions related to their daily habits.

From the data collected, it was concluded that overweight patients were more likely to have bad breath.

This finding should hold for the general public. But we don’t have any scientific evidence as to why this is the case. That will be the next step,” said Prof. Rosenberg.

He inferred that many factors could cause the connection between obesity and bad breath. Obese people may have a diet promoting the condition of dry mouth

Prof. Rosenberg also suggested that people who are obese may be less in tune with taking care of their mouths and bodies.

“We have certainly opened a window of questions here,” said Prof. Rosenberg.

He also said that self-detection of bad breath is not possible so one should not be embarrassed in pointing this out to someone or vice versa.

“I can’t go out into the world and smell everybody’s breath, and quite frankly I’ve already smelled many thousands of cases. My goal now is to give people a list of the potential factors that could lead to this condition, so they can treat themselves,” he said.