Endolite India Logo Endolite India Limited has announced its plans to introduce an artificial limb centre in the south Indian state of Mangalore. This news will come as a joy to those who are now impaired due to loss of limbs in accidents or due to any other reason as well.

Such patients will definitely find relief at the limb centre, where they will be fitted with artificial limbs.

This limb centre will be inaugurated on World Disabled Day which falls on December 3, 2007.

According to Gautham Jain, the central clinical manager of the Endolite Company, various artificial limbs including knee joints, hands, ears, fingers, toes and electric hands will be available at the limb centre. These artificial limbs will be tailor-made to suit the needs of the person wearing it.

Experts trained in the US and the UK have been carrying out the designing of these artificial limbs in 13 of Endolite’s centers in India.

The press release also states that all the prostheses are being made out of silicon and will have no side effects on the person wearing them. Thus, in the end, the person wearing it would look as though he or she has a natural limb.

Moreover, once these silicon limbs have been fitted, people will not need to wear any sort of suspension belts to fasten them to the body as they are self-fitting.

Another feature of these artificial limbs is that they will all have modular shock absorbers and dampners, exuding a natural feeling to the people who wear them.

Lastly, besides being tailor-made to suit the person in need of a prosthetic limb, these artificial limbs will also be customized depending on their activities and use.